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Post by Charles Xaqairy on Tue Jan 15, 2013 5:43 am

Epic Defense DmDV8
My face-down was Scrap-Iron Scarecrow.

My next six cards were:
  1. Quillbolt Hedgehog
  2. Imperial Iron Wall
  3. Junk Defender
  4. Doppelwarrior
  5. Mirror Force
  6. Tuning
I grab Junk Synchron w/ Tuning and mill Plaguespreader. I would have:
  1. Sent Vortex to Summon Plaguespreader
  2. Used Plaguespreader and Uruquizas to Summon Red Dragon Archfiend
  3. Summoned Junk Synchron to bring back Effect Veiler
  4. Double Tuned Red Dragon Archfiend with Junk Synchron and Effect Veiler for Red Nova Dragon
  5. Counted the 4 Tuners in Grave to give Nova +2000ATK (5500ATK)
That would give me: Scrap-Iron to negate an attack, Junk Gardna to switch an attacker to defense, and Nova to negate an attack if I didn't have Iron Wall active. And Wisel can negate one Spell per turn. That was fun. For me. Apparently not for him...

And this was supposed to be an offense-type deck... q.q
Charles Xaqairy
Charles Xaqairy

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