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Rules of TWRP

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Rules of TWRP Empty Rules of TWRP

Post by Charles Xaqairy on Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:23 am

  1. Respect everyone. Other Forums I've been to have had issues respecting other members. Most, if not all, of them have been deleted or have just been abandoned. I do not wish for that to happen to TWRP.
  2. Let the staff do their job. Staff Members exist for a reason. They are to moderate the forum and to enforce the rules. Let us do that.
  3. Complaints: They go to an Admin. If you have an issue with someone or something, PM an Admin and we'll take care of it. Whether it's to your liking or not.
  4. Be active. Activity is what makes a Forum flourish. If you are going to inactive, post in the "Farewells" Section so that we may know why.
  5. Only four accounts: Since not everyone will want to stick to one character all time, I will be allowing each member to have up to four accounts. There will only be one character per account.
  6. Language: Must be kept to a Minimum. If it gets too out of hand and "off-color", I will be forced to censor and/or ban. Don't let it come to that.
  7. Affiliation: If you wish to Affiliate with us, please create a new topic in the appropriate Sub-forum.
  8. No Flaming. If I understand this correctly, that includes any derogatory terms made in or out of jest. Flaming will not be tolerated.
  9. No Double Posting: Wait until at least 1 person has posted after you to post again. If you need to add/change something, edit your post rather than posting again. When posting in an RP, the posts will go in order. If the person before you has not posted in 48 hours (since the person before them), you can post.
  10. No Necro-posting: Do not try to revive a Topic that has been "dead" for more than a month.
  11. TWRP is not responsible for what happens anywhere that is off-site. Do NOT come running to us with a problem not directly related to TWRP.
  12. No God-Modding: God-modding is where you make your character do something that is NOT possible. I understand mutant powers or cybernetics (where applicable), but instantly knowing Out-of-Character (except where allowed) information or, for instance, you need, let's say, a specific item to continue and you "just happen" to have one for no apparent reason is not allowed.
  13. PC Control: No controlling other people w/o their OOC permission (written as "OOC" in their RP post). If permission is given, it needs to be approved by the controlled person before posting (so PM them the post or something). Said permission only works for ONE (1) post. Multiple posts require multiple permissions.
  14. Rating: Since there will most likely be "underage" members, please try to keep RPGs PG-13
  15. Life Points: In this world, you will start each duel with the same Life Points you ended with in your last duel. If you lose, you return to 8000. (Probably won't stay this way.)
  16. Riding Duels: In the event that players want to use D-Wheels to duel, each player must place "The Seal of Orichalcos" in their deck and activate it at the beginning of the duel to replace "Speed World 3". This means your deck will be devoid of any other Field Spells and must contain at least 41 cards in the Main Deck.
    Speed World 3 wrote:This card is activated at the beginning of duel and cannot be removed from the field. During each Standby Phase (except the first) each player will place 1 Speed Counter on this card (Max. 15). During their Main Phase, the turn player can remove Speed Counters from this card to activate the corresponding effect.
    4: Increase their Life Points by 700.
    7: Draw 1 card.
    10: Inflict 1000 damage to their opponent.
    15: Destroy up to 2 cards on the field.
  17. Dueling: Dueling will mostly take place on Dueling Network. If you have another way to duel and both players agree, that is fine. But if it's for an RPG, the plays must be spoken in a way that can be posted by whoever is next in the queue.
  18. Grammar: As with most RP sites, TWRP will insist that you use proper grammar and spelling. While it is not a requirement, proper grammar and spelling have been shown to improve the RP experience.

Signatures and Avatars:
  • Keep it appropriate.
  • Keep it small 500x500
  • If it's big, use spoilers.

Good luck, and have fun Role Playing.

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